Dear user, if you need our data please drop a mail to mailto:"" accessing us via amazon generic reverse-lookup is not allowed anymore due to massive abuse!!!

Please read this carefully, and stop your requests to this page without registering a approved useragent!

Editors note:

Dear Researchers / ISP's / Integrators

as we closed this page for *not* registered useragents, we observe countless queries despite of this!

These queries are leading to no result set as expected by you.

Why do you hammering this service without obeying the rules ?

REGISTER Your Agent to us and you gain access again!


Note: we closed mailing list and discontinued our active alert mails to abuse desks due to:

We actually have a random metric dns ddos amplification attacks against our infrastructure consuming >200 Gbit/s of bandwidth in our backbone.

Also we sorted out ip ranges or user agents which ar suspicious to us and some sort of layer7 dos

Please provide a useragent identifying you! including a working email address in this useragent!
example: "feedbot mycompany contact: me@my.tld"

And please notify us for getting this useragent registered by dropping a mail to

Please also take into account this service is very expensive, so a donation via paypal to our account ( is highly appreciated !

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